Website of Coalition of NGOs for 100% RES in Ukraine Goes Online

A clean sky above clouds, a logo and a link to the website of the Coalition of NGOs for 100% RES in Ukraine

On February 21, the Coalition of NGOs for 100% RES in Ukraine presented its website.

The coalition aims at accelerating a fair transition of Ukraine to 100% renewable energy sources.

The humankind already feels the negative consequences of the climate change: droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves and the rise of the global sea level. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop the catastrophic change, it is necessary to give up fossil fuel (coal, oil, gas) and transition to renewable energy sources (RES).

The website has been created with the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv Office — Ukraine.

A promo picture urging to sign the petition for transition to 100% RES

Demand New Clean Energy for Ukraine

EcoAction, — Ukraine, Ecoltava, Ecoclub, Ukrainian Agency of Investments and Sustainable Development, Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster and Ukrainian Climate Network have initiated an appeal to leaders and members of political parties urging them to support Ukraine’s transition to renewable energy. You can sign the petition here; 12 thousand signatures are needed.

In the appeal, we demand that the politicians:

— include the commitment to raise energy efficiency and ensure Ukraine’s transition to 100% RES by 2050 in their political agenda;

— create a legislative framework which would allow regular Ukrainians across the country to benefit from renewable energy;

— allocate more funds in the national budget to energy efficiency support programs, the development of RES and eco-friendly public transportation;

— stop the plans to complete the construction of Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant or to initiate the construction of new coal and nuclear power facilities.

The transition to solar and wind energy is not only an opportunity to restrict climate change; it also means new prospects for the development of economy and jobs in the regions. It would also mean clean air in cities and avoiding the risk of dangerous catastrophes. It would be an opportunity for regular Ukrainians to produce and consume clean energy.