Support women during the war. Project of Gender in details


We want to support women who are in war situation and who do everything possible for common victory, to raise the spirit of women, to remind us that we are strong, to give faith that we will certainly win.

stand with Ukraine

For March 8 2022 we had quite different plans. We were planning to attend Women’s March. We wanted to start a new tradition - giving each other purple flowers as a symbol of feminism.

Instead, it is the 13th day of the war.

Women of Ukraine do everything possible to stop it, as the men do. They fight and volunteer, at the war frontline and at the home front. They give birth to children in basements. They appeal to world leaders. They engage the global community. Help. Save lives. Keep calm. 

Gender stereotypes disappeared. Even in their kitchens women save Ukraine. In the kitchens where they feed soldiers and prepare Bandera smoothies

Women inspire the whole world to stand up for Ukraine. And this inspiration is deadly powerful. 

Our men and women are in the military. Our volunteers are at the home front and in occupation. Ukrainian women and men go to protest and support each other. 

Our equal heros and heroines whom we thank daily. 

This is how March 8 2022 looks like. And we will always remember it.


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And even though we could not celebrate this International Women’s and Peace Day the way we wanted, we are absolutely sure that soon we will have another reason for celebration - VICTORY. Also thanks for Ukrainian women.